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About Our Cat (Leopold):

Let us introduce you to Leopold our Bengal cat and "innkeeper in training". He is just a kitten now, but will be happy to meet you. We love Bengal cats. These little leopard looking creatures have striking color, markings, and very feisty attitudes. Our little guy fits his name, BOLD in his color, his attitude, and making his needs known. We think he will be the perfect innkeeper assistant, just as Miss Megan was.

Bengal’s are known for their pelt coat and limited dander, making them the ideal pet for people normally allergic to cats, as Cecelia is. Many a guest will comment that they do not believe we have a cat if they had not been introduced during their stay at the Blue Door. Also, as we have had the experience, not having one of the little ones around can make for a very uneventful life. click here To read more about Bengal cats.

We are still discovering Leopold's special talents. But, those who had the opportunity to have met Megan on a previous visit can be guaranteed that Leopold will be as inquisitive and hospitable. As all good cats know they will have to wait till after breakfast to make their appearances.


It is with sadness, that we want our past guests to know, our best friend Megan has departed after a fight with health problems. Megan, our pure bred Bengal cat, was a primary greeter for all of our gracious guests of the Blue Door. She loved to meet guests in our common areas, with their permission of course, and was your Innkeeper's constant along-side companion.

Megan was world renown for her excellent writing skills and loved corresponding with pen pals, translated and scribed by Cecelia. She was by far the friendliest cat we will ever have the opportunity to care for, hypoallergenic to boot. All of our guests would be surprised to learn of her age as she looked and acted like a kitten in her all of 7 pound stature.

We very much miss our "Little Girl".