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One would be truly challenged to proclaim 100% knowledge of the dining options in Baltimore. There is crab to be found in Baltimore, and we are sure you will get varied answers on who has the best (weight in your opinon for the BEST CRAB CAKE). One thing is guaranteed; you will find really good food with reasonable prices to satisfy your budget. Follow our convenient links to great dining.

Baltimore Dining Guide and Baltimore Eats - Listings by areas of Baltimore


Butchers Hill (our neighborhood)

Salt - an American Bistro - five blocks from the Blue Door

Life of Reilly - an Irish Pub atmosphere - one Block away

Out and About (Click on these nearby neighborhoods)

Fells Point - a short 8 block walk from us through a great row house neighborhood. There are so many places to talk about, follow the link (you will be there for a while viewing all of the choices).

Little Italy - What can you say, the best Italian around. Check out the traditional as well as the new variations.

Canton - Metro and Eclectic

The Inner Harbor - 1.2 miles from us and likely to be an area you will visit during your stay with us.

Federal Hill - At the Far end of the inner Harbor. You cannot miss it. Just look for the big green hill with the large flag atop.

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