Our recent Announcement


October 30 2016 marked the date the Blue Door on Baltimore served its final guests. We have enjoyed all of the remarkable interactions we have had, and thank our guests for the many memories we continue to reflect upon.

We maintained one mission in the 10+ years of our operation --To provide uncompromised service to our guests visiting Baltimore. From the beginning, we pledged to ourselves that should there become a time when that ability might become impaired; we would close our operation rather than present problems to our guest’s plans. We have arrived at that decision point in our personal situation.

We know many of you may wish future B&B accommodations close to our location. There is a like-minded B&B less than one mile away. We would like to suggest following the link to the Inn at 2920 in Canton. Please do mention yourself as a past guest of the Blue Door when booking. They will do everything possible to accommodate your needs with their best availability.

We trust that our paths are not parting, but now have opportunity to run parallel to each other.